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The construction of modern day football boots is much more advanced compared with how they used to be manufactured. In the past soccer shoes were very basic and there was only a small amount of difference between the leading manufacturer's products. The only visible identifying factor was the logo or brand that each manufacturer included on the boot.

The main football boot materials were black leather and plastic. Nowadays sportswear giants have a huge budget to spend on design and development of new soccer shoe designs. Extensive research goes into how improvements can be made by using certain materials. The aim is often to make the soccer shoes 2011 more lightweight while still providing ample protection for the feet.

The materials that are used on modern boots are often man made and synthetic fibres are commonly used alongside leather. In some cases, synthetic fibres are used instead of leather as this is a much cheaper option for the manufacturer. Synthetic materials also allow ground breaking designs and the famous Adidas predator boot was one such example. Ridges were included on the 2011 new soccer cleats which helped players to swerve the ball. The use of synthetic material in football boots may not be to everyone's liking but this is considered to be environmentally friendly compared to using leather.

Another major change in design has been the introduction of blades. These are an alternative to the studs which are located on the soles of football Mercurial Superfly 3 . Boots are now made with both changeable and moulded blades just like footwear with conventional studs. One criticism of blades is their performance in wet weather conditions and some managers do no approve of their use for this reason.

There has been some recent controversy regarding football injuries. In particular metatarsal injuries seem to be on the increase. Critics of modern football boot design claim that the materials used in the construction of today's boots do not offer the same level of protection as the boots of old. They claim the footwear is too lightweight with the emphasis on speed rather than strength. Most manufacturers dispute these criticisms and point out that player safety is of paramount importance to them.

Today soccer shoes have become a fashion accessory as well as an essential piece of equipment for all players. Football messi f50 2011 are designed in a variety of bright colours intended to catch the eye and stand out from the crowd. There are still some examples of boots made with black leather although these are in the minority compared to the more extravagant designs.

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